Salman Khan Selfie King In “Selfie Le Le Re” 👑

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In an absolutely stunning performance, Salman Khan – the global music and dance sensation of India – releases “Selfie Le Le Re” video as part of his upcoming Bajrangi Bhaijaan film.

Salman Khan, along with 600 fantastic Bollywood dancers, definitely has strong selfie game. Dubbed by many leading film critics as one of the fastest growing global cinema superstars, Khan is known for his performances in Dabangg, Ek Tha Tiger, Ready and dozens of other movies. “He’s a true technicolor Michelangelo of the modern, mobile film world,” said Jamal Chatmeister of SelfieYo Selfie App.

We can only wonder how many selfies a day Salman Khan is actually taking himself! It’s well-known that the devoted bodybuilding Khan – with his 17-inch biceps, 30-inch waist and 44-inch chest – loves showing off for the camera. Who would have guessed that Salman Khan would become the next poster-boy for selfie fans everywhere?

Check out the video and feel free to dance along. But first, take a selfie!