Selfies Are Evolving Relationships

SelfieYo Selfie Snap App

Relationships. We’ve all got ’em, we all want ’em. What do we do with them?

Who knew that the mere innovation in the way you take a photograph of yourself could mean so much for your relationship?

Here is how selfies are changing the way relationships go:

You Can Tell The Party Poopers

Ever since selfies became the new cool thing to do, miserable people have been calling it “psychopathic behavior,” making memes if they spot women taking selfies at a baseball game and then preaching about how relationships slide into the fiery pits of doom because of that selfie trend. You don’t want that.

You want a real person in your life, someone who understands that this is just another social thing and not Skynet for relationships.

Long Distance Relationships Are Stronger Than Ever

Thanks to selfies, people who can’t see each other in real life can send pictures of themselves to each other which makes them feel like they are involved in their daily life. In this way, you don’t feel like you don’t see enough of each other.

Also, if a person makes the effort to send you a good looking selfie of themselves, it can be the most adorable gesture there could be.

Your Selfies Show The Other Person How You See Yourself

This is important. Your selfie is like a synopsis of the answer to the question “so tell me a bit yourself?” People actually approach others as they are interested in them through viewing their selfies first. For example, if you took a selfie snap while hiking, it is likely that a person who is just as outdoorsy as you will want to talk to you.

On apps like SelfieYo, you can actually meet new friends by only posting pictures of yourself. This is a great way to learn about someone without having to approach so many and then finding out you don’t click.

Selfies Self-Assure

Are the people around you being negative about the person you are with? They probably act like they know what is in store for you in the future and it can have a toxic influence on your relationship.

All those people in your life who have a habit of picking out the holes in your relationship do not get a say in what you should do or what the other person probably is.

Stick to being close with the one you like and rub it in all the Debby Downer’s faces to show them how good you are doing.

It just looks like that is how we do things now. We selfie. We introduce ourselves through our pictures because, let’s face it — we are human and we DO judge a book by its cover.

Otherwise, our brains just overthink what the other person said, the way they said it and so on.

There is not much reading between the lines when it comes to taking selfies and saying “hi,” and that’s the end of it. If you think about it, a selfie really does simplify things for everyone.

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