6 Selfie Pose Tips

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The way you do a selfie pose makes a whole lot of difference on how the selfie ends up looking like. It is not easy to do a selfie that makes yourself look flattering while you are holding the camera as well.

Here are some tips on how to do a selfie right…

Selfie Pose Tip #1: Crop in a Closeup

If you don’t like the background of the selfie but have no choice, why not crop in close to your face; like a selfie pose that starts from your cheeks and ends at a few strands of hair.

You are free to edit any imperfections on your face before you post your selfie.

There really is nothing keeping you from doing a selfie pose like this and getting away with it.

Selfie Pose Tip #2: Water Selfie is a Thing

Try floating your back in a pool and then taking a selfie of your face.

Don’t drop your phone; the resulting snap may just be the most artistic selfie pose piece you have ever created.

Selfie Pose Tip #3: Let the Feet Have Some Time in the Light

Technically, a selfie is a picture of you; you can take a whole mirror selfie or just one that shows what you look like from the neck up.

You would be surprised how flattering a picture that only shows your feet looks, especially if you want to convey where you are at the time of the selfie or if you just bought a pair of brand new kicks.

Selfie Pose Tip #4: The Selfie Within a Selfie

You already strike a pose and this allows you to have your picture taken from a distance where the picture can cover more than just your face.

Taking selfies of a person that is taking a selfie looks adorable; a sneak peek on how the person looks like when they are looking like cutest version of themselves.

Selfie Pose Tip #5: Selfie With Two Hands

The general rule of selfies is that you hold the camera with one or two hands. With two hands, it is a lot easier to maintain a pose that you like as you can use either one of the hands to click on the button that takes the picture.

However, the one thing that you have to be careful about in such pictures is that you do not cover the entire lens. Lean a bit backwards so that the pretty background can be viewed too.

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Selfie Pose Tip #6: No Selfie Should Be Fully Approached Head On

An easy way to make your face look picture perfect without showing the arm holding the phone is to position your face in one of the top corners of the picture.

Position the camera above your forehead, tilt your head very slightly and smile like it’s the happiest day of your life.

The rule is that your eye line must be at the top and side part of the picture in order for the picture to work. Otherwise, it can look like a poorly taken selfie.