Selfie History Lesson du Jour

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Brian Ashcraft over at Kotaku recently wrote an interesting article about the history of the selfie stick dating back potentially as far as 1983. Ashcraft points out that Japanese camera manufacturer, Minolta, brought to market a camera that was lightyears ahead of its time.

The “Minolta Disc-7” was designed with a special mirror on the front and it included a telescopic carrying strap that actually served as a “self-portrait” tool.  This self portrait contraption bares a striking resemblance to what we all now know as the modern selfie stick.

What struck us at SelfieYo as particularly interesting about this 1980’s Japanese invention of the selfie stick predecessor is how timeless the concept of self portraiture really is to all of humankind.  Since the beginning of recorded history, mankind has been creating etches, artwork, sculpture, and the like, to capture the essence of the human soul.

There have been many forms of selfie expression over thousands of years of known history, and all have a common human element in our desire to capture the most personal features of our lives; our faces.

There is some deep connection between humanity’s historical selfie behaviors and how Freud might suggest the id, the ego and the super-ego relate to one another. When we take selfies are we trying to please ourselves or are we trying to please others?

Do we care about how our selfies will look in a historical context or are selfies purely a reflection, quite literally, of some in the moment desire to capture emotions so that we may better understand them ourselves or communicate them with others?

There very well may be no silver bullet when it comes to analyzing the meta factors associated with how and why we selfie throughout the course of a lifetime, but one thing is certain — selfies are not limited to one epoch, one continent or even one set of self portrait accessorization. The selfie stick of the early 80’s represented a technological leap for its day just as the SelfieYo app may very well represent one for its time.