SelfieYo Selfie Snap App for iPhone & Android!

SelfieYo Selfie Snap Chat App

Get selfie-obsessed with the hottest new selfie snap app, SelfieYo for iPhone and Android.

We just pushed some rad updates on the iPhone App Store and Google Play for Android.

Just in time for some holiday selfie chat smack snapping. Get after it! 😜

Here’s the latest on what’s new:

  • Selfie smile detecting camera snaps your pic just by smiling at the camera. It’s high-tech selfie’ing on another level.
  • Send selfies privately to anyone in your address book and make them disappear from the other person’s phone whenever you want to delete ’em. Snaps for bae, you decide when they go.
  • Post some selfies publicly and try to get on the local Hot List – it’s a photo feed of nearby selfies getting mad votes.
  • Double-tap on the Public, Hot or Private buttons at the top to see a list of your chats and swipe to delete when yo’ bad self is ready.

Download SelfieYo for iPhone is HERE!

Download SelfieYo for Android is HERE on Google Play!