Seasonal Selfie Sticks

Free Selfie App for iphone and android

Still looking for that special something for bae? How about a Selfie Stick? If you’ve got someone in your life that LOVES taking selfies and can never get enough front facing mobile camera action, then they might just go nuts over this season’s hottest holiday gift – the selfie stick!

Get them a . . . rug, a mug or a bug. But why? Just bite the bullet and show them how much you approve of their healthy, fun-loving selfie habits. I’ve heard that even Walmart is devoting an entire aisle in its stores to selfie tools, selfie guide books, and selfie apparel that enhances your selfie-game. Not really sure how it works or precisely what the appeal of such a fashion statement is about, but anything for bae…

In all seriousness, though, the selfie stick thing seems to be raging pretty hard all over social media right now. It makes sense; not everyone has a ginormous arm that can reach out 4-feet to take the optimal photo of you and twelve of your besties. If a selfie stick is good enough for 5 Seconds of Summer, never forget #vote5SOS, then it’s good enough for me.

Be sure to take pics of your stocking stuffers, lots of selfies and leave cookies for the cat. Keep the pics coming, we love you!