Make Your Dating Profile Picture Selfie Perfect

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It’s 2016 and no one can get away without being enforced by the basic rules that dictate a perfect profile picture selfie. Whether you like it or not, those rules also apply to taking a profile picture selfie that you are going to post for that special someone as well.

You Want to Make a Good Impression

Show-off your profile picture like you are about to ride a camel! Clean the background or choose one that makes you look amazing in the picture. This means no bedrooms with dirty clothes lying around everywhere and most of all, no selfies with the toilet seat up! You can pick a plain profile picture background if you want the viewer to focus on an article of clothing or jewelry and if you want the selfie to be a more broad view of where you are, pick a nice spot which has good lighting.

Don’t KISS In Your Profile Picture Selfie

You can’t “Keep it Simple, Stupid” anymore; which means pucker away for that profile picture at the lens if you think it makes you look sexy and of all people, the person who you are seeing or interested in will appreciate it. This person has probably seen you make the “I am reading face,” the “I am listening face” and the “I am chowing down this burger like an animal” face. So, they deserve to see the kissy face as well.

Bathroom Selfies Say More Than You Realize

The bathroom is probably the only place where you are able to find the right lights, but guess what, the crapper snapper does not really portray you as an outgoing person. If you want to make a good impression in front of a person who is only starting to know you, you might want to show them your fun side. Step out into the sun and take a picture of you being photo bombed by a squirrel. If you really want to come off as an adventurous person, there is nothing wrong with using your last ski trip selfie as your profile picture.

Be Confident

Part of the “Top Ten Confessions of what Classy People Like to See in Profile Pictures” is to see you feeling good. That is the only message you should be sending through your selfies. When men and women are proud of the way they are, no matter what pose they strike, it automatically persuades others to interact with that person.

Showing Too Much Skin

Nudes may be in vogue but you can only wish you were Kim Kardashian. The thing with dating profile selfies is that you should want a person to like you for you. Otherwise, you should not even have to bother putting in the details about what you like and the number of cats you own. If you like to post pictures almost regularly, why not go for a varied regime. Show off a bit of skin when you are getting ready for a night out and take a picture of an eloquent looking you when you are headed for coffee with friends.

If you want inspiration on how to take great profile pictures, we highly recommend checking out some of the selfies of Rodrigo Alves, also known as Rodrigo, Man of the World.

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And when you’re ready to test your skills, get SelfieYo and start snapping away!