Pro Selfie Tips That No One Tells You About

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If you love posting the occasional photo of yourself, then you are going to love these pro selfie tips. Whether you admit it or not, everyone is always on the hunt for ways to make their selfies look better.

Pro Selfie Tips #1 – Tilt Your Head At An Angle

You may think that you do this naturally when faced with a camera about to snap a candid shot of you, but the truth is that you have to actually put in some thought on which way – exactly – you are going to tilt your head. You have to find the angle that highlights your pretty cheekbones and makes your eyes looks bigger. Even super models agree that the tilted head maneuver is one of the best selfie tips around as they seek to find an angle that makes their jaw line look prominent in the picture.

Pro Selfie Tips – #2 – The Mirror In The Back Has to Go

Your background can make or break your selfie. Sure, you are the focus of an image, but your background can transform an image. For instance, if you have a plain background, the entire focus of the selfie will be you; a background that is filled with colors that complement your clothes or your makeup will make them stand out. A busy background sends out the message that you are fun-filled and active even if you are not into outdoor activities.

Pro Selfie Tips – #3 – The Back Light Matters More Than You Think

Another handy pro selfie tip is that you find your lighting. The most important lighting is the one behind you. If your background is a bright light source, like a window, then the selfie will come out a bit softer. Don’t forget to face the light as well, or you might just end up with a silhouette. Plus, you won’t have to use a clear filter to make the shadows and spots from your face disappear.

Pro Selfie Tips – #4 – The Zoom Feature Is Your Friend

When you want to focus more on just your face, do not hold your phone closer — that just distorts your features. Instead, zoom in the camera, hold the camera away and capture the perfect selfie.

Pro Selfie Tips – #5 – If You Want To Look Slimmer

Ok, here’s a really special one from the selfie tips jar… If you are taking a mirror selfie that shows off your body as well, get a bit closer to the mirror and position your phone camera right under your chin. Through this angle the body looks smaller, and your head looks bigger.

Pro Selfie Tips #6 – No Distractions

You have to check your background before you take a selfie. If there is something really bright behind, it will take up all the attention of the viewer. Plus, you can’t have a mess in the back – it gives off a bad impression in the picture.

The same goes for the mirror you are taking your selfie in. It has to be clean; otherwise your camera will clearly pick up spots and smudges on it and display them over your face and outfit.