Pope Francis Selfie Seen Around The World

Best Pope Francis Selfie

The Pope Francis selfie seen around the world was taken by Mr. Sebastián González, the Pope’s driver on a tour of South America. Mr. González, the Papal chauffeur some attendees are saying had a “heavy foot” on the accelerator of the Popemobile, clearly has some selfie camera skills!

Call it divine intervention, call it a modern act of God, or chalk it up to strong selfie game – this selfie with Pope Francis is one of the best selfies we’ve ever seen.

SelfieYo has written about Papal Selfies before, but that was during the reign of Pope Benedict and it was captured back in Italy by Giuseppe Riccardi.

As far as we can tell, this is the first mega viral selfie hit in South America with Pope Francis as the primary subject. Yes, the Pope has been in a lot of other selfies, but this selfie has garnered more attention from the media in the shortest amount of time ever.

Is the world increasingly more obsessed with selfies in general? Or did the Light of the Lord shine a little brighter when González snapped his mobile phone selfie camera to capture this holy moment in selfie history?

Either way, SelfieYo is pleased with the skills González exhibited – and his holiness, well, clearly he is looking good, healthy, and as always, very photogenic!

Now, onto the business of whether or not González was driving too fast… We’re told by Papal authorities that Pope Francis had a tight schedule to maintain and that previous delays in Ecuador and Bolivia prompted the Papal Motorcade to increase cruising speed a bit in order to get to the airport in Paraguay’s capital city, Asunción, in time for the Papal flight.

We’re left wondering a bit – would the Pope’s plane actually leave without him? This seems a little far fetched, but with all the extra baggage fees and flight delays these days, anything is possible!