Michigan State University Exhibit on Origins of the Selfie

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I’ve never been to Michigan State University, but upon hearing about this clever new MSU Museum origins of the selfie exhibit called “#me: from Silhouettes to Selfies” – I think the SelfieYo team ought to be planning a trip there ASAP. According to the MSU exhibit page which can be found here, the exhibit will be open until October 5th and showcases historical artifacts dating back to the 18th century that prove our ancestors were creating selfies long before the modern mobile phone camera.

MSU Museum’s Curator of History, Dr. Shirley T. Wajda, a leading expert in cultural anthropology, has been studying the intersection of photography and technology throughout her career. Dr. Wajda’s research explores how humans understand themselves, families and communities through the visual expressions. As selfies and photo chat apps are entering a new era of advanced technology, we’d like to thank the Dr. Wajda and the MSU Museum for helping to remind us all of the historical origins of the modern selfie.

Time to book a flight, but first, let me take a selfie, I mean a SelfieYo! SelfieYo should be available soon for all your selfie photo app needs.