Meet New People Nearby Now on SelfieYo Local Chat App for iPhone & Android

SelfieYo iPhone App Meet People Nearby

Do you want a fun way to meet new people nearby now? Get the latest SelfieYo iPhone chat app and snap some selfies to see who might be around to chat with!

Meet New People on SelfieYo Chat App!

It’s FREE!

SelfieYo makes it easy to snap some pics or videos, share them with people in the same area OR share them privately with friends in your address book.

From there, meeting new people around you is as easy as chatting and seeing who might be interesting enough to start a private conversation with!

If you’re having fun chatting with someone, you can begin a private conversation by tapping their avatar in the public chat room and then sending them a private mode selfie. This will allow you both to then have a private chat!

If you decide you are done talking to that person and you don’t want to continue the conversation, just tap on the photo or video you sent them and it will delete the entire event!

It’s a super easy way to meet new people in the neighborhood!

meet new people

Here are a few tips to use SelfieYo for iPhone or Android:

  • When you open the app, hold down the camera button to record a selfie.
  • Share a few videos public to ensure you can meet new people in the area.
  • Use the face filters and experiment with your selfies to be creative.
  • Chat with other people and build some new friendships.
  • Tell your friends to post on SelfieYo and build new groups.

Share with a friend and see what kind of new connections you can make on SelfieYo — the local chat app for iPhone and Android!

Get it today and post some fun videos of yourself making faces!


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