This is Why Kim Kardashian Never Has a Bad Selfie

Kim Kardashian Selfie

The lady herself with selfies on fleek can’t keep the world from decoding just exactly how she gets those flawless snaps no matter who holds the camera. We put together a bunch of things that Kim Kardashian said and snapped for the ultimate guide on how to get the perfect picture on the first snap!

Lighting Should Not be Okay, It Has to be Amazing

The perfect light is not one that highlights your silhouette and makes your skin look all glowy and fresh. The truth is that you can use light to create an illusion. The light must highlight your best bits, which includes the side you think makes you look more photogenic and drown out the parts you don’t like in the shadow.

The lights to stay away from are the fluorescent ones. The best ones that will surely boost your self esteem are the soft, yet brilliant kind that you catch near a sunset. A great trick to neutralize the flash of a camera is to hold a white paper towel or napkin near your face.

Don’t Sacrifice it All to Show-Off Your Jaw Line

Great! So you are one of the blessed ones who has a jaw line that shines its own angles; but what about the rest of your face? You can’t just highlight one great feature; you have to portray everything at its best. Kim has mentioned this one tip in countless interviews about keeping your chin down and holding the camera above your nose level.

Kim Knows You Edit if You Must

Kim Kardashian is not afraid to use a selfie editing tool when she wants. You can do the same with yours if you need a picture in a jiffy but don’t have time to put on makeup. One excellent tool for this is the SelfieYo app. It lets you edit your selfies and then post it in chats with friends and other likeminded people that you can meet via the app’s local social network.

What’s Wrong with the Duck Face?

If you don’t like brandishing the pucker in all your selfies even through you have cheekbones to die for, there is always a better alternative. Why not take a picture while whispering a word like prune. It doesn’t even look like you are trying and captures a selfie as your face looks more sculpted.

Kim Knows to Crop Away

On Jimmy Kimmel Live, the Queen of Selfies let slip a few more secrets. She mentioned how you can always find the right angle, but do not delete a picture if you see something in it that you don’t like. Instead, save it and crop out what you don’t like. It could be the side of the shirt that is hanging wrong or a skin imperfection that is healing and feels like a nuisance when taking pictures.

When all else fails, just post a few freshies on SelfieYo and see what the wisdom of the crowd thinks. You’ll get feedback on your selfies, you might meet some interesting people nearby and you can experiment with new selfie poses without worrying about overloading your other social networks!

Photo: Courtesy of Kim Kardashian West / @kimkardashian