The Key To A Championship Selfie

Healthy Chompers Equals Healthy SelfieYo and Selfies

We’ve said this before and it warrants being said again – the key to taking a championship selfie starts with having a positive attitude. All too often we can be tempted in life to whip out our mobile phone and selfie as a way to cure an ill-mood or take our mind off some bad pudding. But, just because you can doesn’t mean you should. You need to pause and ask yourself whether or not you’re really in the right frame of mind to be selfie’ing, or if you’d be better off trying to shake off the rotten puss on your face before you selfie it up for bae. Bae deserves a better selfie. So do you.

Sound wacky? It’s not. Scientific evidence has show that a positive attitude helps produce consistently higher quality selfies in nearly all species of mammals and plants. There’s so much competition these days for superstar selfies that we all need to remember the key to a championship selfie starts with a positive attitude. If you can’t legitimately show some pearly whites – or brown chicklets or wine-stained chompers, as the case may be – then you probably need to take a deep breath and save the selfie for later.

Just remember, like anything in life, people would rather see you smiling and happy than rotten and disturbed. Don’t be cruel to the selfie game. Keep it strong, keep it fun and ALWAYS keep a positive attitude in the room.

Happy SelfieYo’ing.