Group Messaging For iPhone and Android

SelfieYo Selfie Snap Chat App iOS 9 iPhone Update

One of the things we’ve been working on at SelfieYo is better mobile group messaging for iPhone and Android.

Everyone on iPhone ❤️s iMessage, but if you’re an Android user, you know the sorrows of being left out of iMessage chats. The struggle is real. 😩

We’re excited that with the updates on SelfieYo Snap & Chat App, users on both iPhone AND Android can have a better group chat experience inside of a selfie chat room.

This works for both the “public” concept of SelfieYo’ing and the “private” group chats on SelfieYo that only you and your friends can see.

We’ve added a delivery confirmation checkbox so you know your group message went through to the chat room. And, unlike some Android devices when texting with people on iOS, you don’t have to download new messages.

Isn’t it annoying when you’re on Android and you get an incoming message from someone with an iPhone and your device tells you to download it?

We test SelfieYo with all kinds of devices and have noticed that regular SMS messaging between iOS devices and Android devices regularly causes this “Download Message” thing… super annoying! 🙅

Here are a few tips on how to use the SelfieYo chat app for cross-platform Android & iPhone group messaging:

  1. Snap a few photos and you have the option to “Post Public” or “Share Private” – public will share your photos with people nearby, private will prompt you to select which friends in your phone contact book you want to send SelfieYo’s to.
  2. When your friends open SelfieYo and you have already sent them some pics, they’ll see notifications to go in and vote on your pics – after they vote, they get to enter your chat room.
  3. Regardless of whether or not your friends are on iPhone and Android, they’ll have an identical group messaging experience that is closer to an iMessage sort of approach vs. an SMS approach.
  4. If you want to remove your selfies from SelfieYo OR your friend’s phone, you can delete the selfie set you sent anytime – this will remove it from everyone’s SelfieYo.
  5. You can double-tap the icons at the top to get a list view of photo chats. Try it after you’ve sent a bunch of selfies both publicly and privately!

Be sure to regularly update to the latest version of SelfieYo Snap & Chat App as they’re published. We are constantly improving the photo chat experience and adding new features as we hear what you like and what you’d like to see!

Here are the links to get the SelfieYo App:

iPhone App is here. 💙

Android App is here. 💜