Get SelfieYo To Snap Selfies Automagically!

SelfieYo Smile Detection Chat App

“Watch me take a selfie without clicking any buttons!” – Cam, International Selfie Model 😘

Watch Cam show you how to snap a selfie on SelfieYo with the free smile detecting selfie camera chat app!

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SelfieYo is the JUDGEMENT FREE SELFIE ZONE for posting as much as you want.

In this video, Cam shows you how he takes selfies with the automatic selfie smile detection camera on SelfieYo.

It works on Android and iPhone — and it’s totally FREE! Try it now!

The trick to getting a good selfie starts with a positive attitude and a smile — that’s why we built smile detection capabilities directly into the custom selfie camera on SelfieYo. 😀

Be sure to download the app, post some selfies in public or private mode, and chat with friends on SelfieYo.

In the next video, Cam will show you how to delete a selfie and how it’s removed from the entire SelfieYo platform.

As a little tip: all you have to do is double-tap the buttons at the top of your SelfieYo app — Hot, Public or Private — and you’ll see a threaded list view of your messages. You can swipe to the left and you’ll see a “Delete” button. When you delete your own photos, they’re removed from your app, the system and the apps of everyone else!

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