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Free selfie sticks in new SelfieYo iPhone selfie app promotion. SelfieYo is launching a major update on the iPhone selfie chat app and giving away up to 100 FREE selfie sticks!

Have you been thinking about getting a selfie stick? Are you low key kind of wanting to try out a selfie stick to snap better selfies for bae? Well, you’re in luck.

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Here are the details on the SelfieYo Selfie Stick Giveaway promo:

The SelfieYo iPhone app update is coming out soon. In the meantime, you can download SelfieYo in the iTunes App Store and get started on earning yourself a free selfie stick!

SelfieYo is based on a points system where you earn points every time someone up-votes one of your selfies. The more selfies you share on SelfieYo, the more people you get to vote on your selfie, the more points you get! It’s easy.

The selfie sticks will go to the first 100 participants to earn 1,000 SelfieYo points. Basically, if you take a lot of selfies and share them with friends in your address book, you could easily get yourself 1,000 SelfieYo points in no time at all! Get after it!

SelfieYo lets you post your selfies through the app either “Public” or “Private” – if you post selfies publicly, they are available for people nearby to see your selfie, vote on your selfies and chat with you in selfie chat rooms. You will be able to see your SelfieYo point score increase as you get more and more up-votes.

Now, something to keep in mind is that you can be down-voted as well. If you take bad selfies or just terrible pictures in general, there’s a good chance you’ll be down-voted by the selfie community and your friends.

If you use the “Private” option in the selfie app, SelfieYo will tap your address book and ask you who you want to receive private access to your selfies. When you send with the “Private” option in SelfieYo, only those people you select will have access to the selfies you send them. But like the rest of SelfieYo, the people you send selfies to in “Private” mode will be asked to vote on your selfies before they can enter the chat room.

Make sense? It’s pretty simple. Snap some selfies, send a bunch publicly to see if you can get votes from people near you, send a bunch more selfies privately to friends and they’ll get an invite to join SelfieYo.  The more people you invite, the higher your chances of getting up-votes leading to your FREE SELFIE STICK!

As with every selfie you create on SelfieYo, when you delete a selfie you made, it is deleted from the entire system and removed from everyone’s SelfieYo app. This makes it a little easier to keep track of where your selfies are going and who has them.

But rest assured, once you’ve earned a point, even if you delete a selfie you still have the points from it.

So, our recommendation is to start snapping some selfies today and earning your points for the free selfie stick contest. We will be promoting this more immediately after the app update launch on the iTunes Store.

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The promotion is a game of selfie skill where the best, most adventurous selfie lovers will climb to the top of the charts faster than others! Game on!