How To Take Fashion Selfies Like A Boss

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Got a new outfit? Can’t wait to show some fashion selfies off to the world? Donning the new outfit and telling someone to take a picture may seem easy at first but the truth is, it isn’t!

There are so many tips and tricks to pose the right way in body length fashion selfies.

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  • Get the timer function so that you can switch the pose last minute if you want. Maybe bending the knee a bit is the way to go. Hold that pose for only a few seconds and viola — you nailed it in one snap. That has to give you boasting selfie rights, right?
  • Lighting means everything. If there are shadows appearing on your face in the selfie, you do not want anyone else thinking you were hungover from the night before or just upset with the outfit. Show the world how excited you are about your fashion selfie sense and this cool find you are wearing.
  • Chant this to yourself — “No more one arm selfies!” Unless of course you want to show the new buttons you had sewn on your new top or jacket. If you cannot find anyone who will take a good picture of you or don’t trust anyone to have skills parallel to your selfie magic, use a stack of books to prop your phone at the right angle.
  • Never make the rookie mistake of over fashion selfie posting. Remember that time when we used to make our arms crooked to make them look attached to a body that is size zero model material. Now, everyone can tell that is an amateur move.
  • Don’t risk it with the background. Although it’s super cool to match your outfit with the right colored background or a complementing situation for which you bought your outfit for, when in doubt, always go for a plain background — preferably one that is not tiled like your bathroom.
  • Do the subtle duck face in whole mirror selfies. When you are showing off your outfit, you don’t even have to smile. Otherwise, the focus is diverted to the face and the entire fashion selfie frame is wasted. Look thoughtful or candid. The duck face has to go!
  • If it is an outfit that you really love as it is, do not use a filter on your fashion selfies. If you are worried about not having enough makeup on, here is a secret — from a wide angle, all that the eye is most likely to catch is the color of your lips.
  • Be yourself. Model for yourself and trust that you have a creative side that will never fail you when it comes to fashion selfies. You might be surprised how great the selfie ends up looking. After all, trends do come into the world from fabulous people like yourself.

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