Are Successful Designers All Fashion Selfie Queens?

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Overplayed memes and super cool abbreviations have nothing on the modern day fashion selfie. The fashion selfie world shakers have no problem falling in the glorious trifecta of the ultra cool, the in-crowd, and narcissist, but can-back-it-up. In fact, they are probably going through their feed right now, taking inspiration from different images posted by others. There is so much that the act of snapping your own face has that is appealing for so many fashionistas with selfie skills that don’t go out of style.

A Fashion Selfie Like A Holster For Self-Esteem

You can reach for your phone and snap a fashion selfie in moments of self doubt just like a Wild Wild West “face off.” In a recent survey about body image, an adult woman said that a good fashion selfie and other flattering online photos make them feel a whole lot more confident in a world where social media will always come up with something demeaning to make a person self-conscious about their appearance. So move on and boost your confidence with a dose of the perfect fashion selfie as you present your gorgeous selfie to the world.

Learning To Love Your Selfie Is The First Step

On the stairway to being your own boss, it is so important that you believe in your selfie more than anyone, you have to be your favorite person if you want to meet your goals. Constant big shots from the NY Fashion Week like Jason Wu and Diane Von Furstenberg would certainly approve of this. When you are taking your selfie, you find that there are tons of ways in which you can look beautiful. If you dislike a feature or deem something an imperfection, a great selfie can erase that from your mind. Sometimes, selfies will have you taking pride in yourself and you go “Ooh look at me!” Nothing sets the mood better for you to start the day and kick some a** at work.

Fashion Selfie Expression Is An Important Part Of Your Creative Side

A collection of fashion selfies are a reflection of who you really are as a person. When you look back on all those saved selfies in your phone, you will realize different times and different moods you were in when you took those. Fashion selfie exploration is important for all creative minds, and fashion selfies are a great way of telling yourself things you never knew.

Your Artistic Side Is A Pro And You Don’t Even Know

We are not talking about adding different filters to screen entire images. With the amount of photo editing programs out there and great new selfie chat apps like SelfieYo, one easily learns a trick or two about editing, photography, and picking out the best scenery to pose next to. Sometimes, your selfies send out a message or speak a thousand words without you adding a caption – and that is art.

So go ahead; nothing can stop you from taking your own artistically inclined fashion selfie like the best of the best in the fashion world have been doing for decades. Who knows, you might be one of the top fashionista selfie snappers some day!