Does Liam Payne Of One Direction Take The Best Selfies?

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Is it possible that Liam Payne of One Direction takes the best selfies in the world?

A recent survey conducted on social media is telling us that, YES, Liam of the world-famous band, One Direction, is most likely the hottest selfie-taker in the world!

Bae is so on fleek in his selfies. 😘

While the survey is hard to claim as entirely conclusive, SelfieYo associates found that more people ask Liam for more selfies than anyone else we could find. And, in case it’s not enough to celebrate the prolific singer-songwriter as the #1 selfie superstar, his bandmate Louis Tomlinson is also on the list. These guys are about as big as it gets in the world of selfie madness.

There is apparently, no end in sight to the appetite fans have for their selfies. All that said, there seems to be some controversy regarding selfie sticks at One Direction concerts. According to the Daily Star, selfie sticks were banned at Millennium Stadium in Wales – and it sounds like all One Direction concerts are going to crack down on selfie sticks. We are a little sad to hear about this, but it makes sense from a security perspective.

Someday, we’re hoping to take selfies with Liam, Louis, Niall, Harry, and even Zayn if he’s still interested in selfies by then. Until that day comes, we’ll be honing our craft at SelfieYo Selfie Chat App and helping the world improve their selfie game, one picture at a time!

If you had a chance to get a selfie with Liam Payne, where would you like it to be?

Paris, London, New York, Salt Lake City?

😂😂😂 We’d love to see your selfies with Liam on SelfieYo someday! If we had a Liam detector, we’d probably give you 1,000 points for each authentic selfie with him!

Good luck, beauties! 😘