Celebrity Selfies, Space Selfies and Selfie TV

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Today’s news is nothing short of spectacular. On the celebrity selfies front, Geraldo Rivera did it again. He posed shirtless for a selfie while on vacation in Puerto Rico. In fairness to Geraldo, who wouldn’t pose for a selfie on holiday! We think we’re not going to post the selfie of Geraldo, as some might find the lighting a little too distracting. That said, celebrity selfies are on the rise and we expect to see a lot more action from Hollywood A-listers.

In other selfie news, a spaceship named Rosetta has been taking selfies while exploring the galaxy. Yes, seems like everyone, everything and now every flying objects are taking selfies; even in outer-space. The Rosetta is approximately 300 million miles from Earth and took a photo of one of its wings as a comet was approaching nearby.

Spaceship Selfie

Spaceship Captures Selfie 300 Million Miles from Earth

And finally, ABC TV’s Fall show called “SELFIE” is getting buzz all over the web. It remains to be seen whether the show will make it back for another season, but for now, SELFIE is feeding the selfie train just nicely and keeping us entertained on Monday nights. We’re not quite sure how the creators would extend to another season, as it seems like the premise wraps ups at the conclusion of this string of episodes. We’ll see!

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