Cara Delevingne’s Morning Show Interview – Yay or Nay?

Cara Delevingne

The Paper Towns star, Cara Delevingne, recently made the headlines, but not for her movie or modeling. The actress is currently being ‘blasted’ by the news for an absolutely awkward interview on the American TV Show – Good Day Sacramento.

Although Cara is not particularly known for selfie-taking skills, those badass eyebrows make us wonder when she will start, because who wouldn’t want to see that beautifully intelligent face over, and over, and over again.

The interview is a messy smear of outright bluntness and absolute sarcasm, and even though the host has some good comebacks, Cara practically burned him alive as she responded to his unfair and condescending questions.

The host later suggested that Cara ‘takes a nap and gets some Redbull’ after she reacted sarcastically while sounding highly irritated.

But the joke’s on him, because Cara probably did take a nap right after, and then probably more than one Redbull in first-class! It seems like the host was in for a roast this weekend, and all the forces in the world conspired to bring him to Cara. Cara did a great job of maintaining her poise even as the mean-humored, inarticulate anchors attempted to rattle her cage. It clearly didn’t work.

The insinuation of Cara being rude to the host was a complete exaggeration, since after looking at the interview we found that Cara is more than just a pretty face. The actress answered all the interviewer’s questions with a few cleverly suggestive remarks here and there.

Way to go, Cara! Do you like to take snaps and use chat apps like SelfieYo?

We think Cara would be great at snapping with people nearby and chatting with fun people at college.

The way we see it, Cara was just telling the host to bite her for all she cares. A really good selfie moment, wouldn’t you agree? We hope the next time she faces an arrogant interviewer, she keeps her front camera ready to add some spice to the burn.

Things started off regularly and everybody was all smiles, welcoming the brand new star to the morning show for a brief interview, and as if no one noticed (Cara probably did), the interviewer called her ‘Carla’ right in the beginning. Nice. Clearly, the interviewer has ‘skills’.

Soon afterwards, the supermodel faces a question almost all adaptation stars have during their careers. The interviewer asked Cara whether she had read the original book which inspired her movie, written by John Green. Cara didn’t even wait to remark in response, saying “uh, no I never read the book, or the script. I kind of winged it” (LOL).

The interviewer was only trying to assess the sarcasm when Cara smiled and went on to say that of course she had read the John Green book and that everybody should read the amazing books by the author. So the first comment, as you can see, was an absolute shut down, and enough to make any host cringe and reanalyze his/her interviewing habits.

The next question was even dumber, and the interviewer asked the bold-browed beauty if her highly busy schedule made it easier for the supermodel to focus. Cara was baffled by the question, like we all should be (because it’s DUMB), and she said “No, I don’t know where that comes from”. The interviewer found this to be rude, but in all honesty, who the hell stays ‘busy’ to ‘focus’?

The first two questions got Cara to start fighting back with flawless sarcasm while the interview struggles to find a decent exit from the conversation. At last, after all the bullet holes in the interview’s body were clearly visible on-air, interviewers suggested that Cara get some rest because she is just exhausted OR maybe it was just them.

Cara responded by saying “No, I think it’s just you” right before they pulled the plug on her footage. In all honesty, we just wish we could see some more of that action. Maybe Cara will snap a few good ones and chat with us on SelfieYo.

Cara took to Twitter to explain what happened in her interview and called the questions condescending, justifying her actions. But you don’t need explanations Cara; you need a huge, diamond-encrusted, crown, and a beautiful selfie to post across networks, so that it makes it to the interviewer’s feeds.

It’s not every day you get to see a super-hot, super-smart, and super-talented actress with a mind of her own, wearing a well-deserved crown for doing what no other young actress has ever done. Yes, we want more of that on Instagram, please?

You go girl!

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