Bison Attacks A Woman Taking A Selfie At Yellowstone Park

Bison Selfie

A 43-year-old woman from Mississippi and her daughter were brutally attacked last month by a raging, fully grown bison in Yellowstone National Park.

She survived (no selfie) – but you’ll never believe what she had to say about the incident.

Now, before you start thinking the bison did anything rude or out of the ordinary, consider that it was the tourist who “thought it would be OK” to pose for a selfie with the giant, hairy beast.

Boy, was she wrong.

According to a statement from the National Park Service, “they heard the bison’s footsteps moving toward them and started to run, but the bison caught the mother on the right side, lifted her up and tossed her with its head.”

Can you believe this? What kind of person thinks it’s OK to just step into a bison’s territory and start taking selfies?

She didn’t even have a selfie stick for some extra length.

Earlier in the year a 16-year-old Taiwanese tourist was gored by a bison when she too was attempting to get a selfie with one of the extraordinary creatures of Yellowstone National Park.

Park authorities have stated that bison can sprint 3-times faster than humans in great shape.

We’re guessing that most of the would-be-selfie-takers attempting to dance with the bison are far from in “great shape” for sprinting.

There are over 5,000 bison in Yellowstone National Park – a place where they have lived continuously since prehistoric times. What makes some wacky tourist think they can get a selfie with the bison without asking for their permission first? People these days.

We attempted to contact the bison to get their version of the story, but we did not get a response. They’re obviously upset about this growing trend.

Our advice to anyone wanting a selfie with wild animals is: use a selfie stick.

A very, very, very long selfie stick.