Sign Up For SelfieYo 2.0 Beta Testing

SelfieYo Photo Chat App

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We’re working on some new features for SelfieYo in 2015 and want to test some of the updates with a beta community. If you love selfies, love social media and mobile apps, sign up to join our beta access community for SelfieYo 2.0 on iPhone and Android.

We are experimenting with a few things that will turn the status quo in mobile social photo apps upside-down and we think you might like it! The iPhone app currently works on iPhone 4, iPhone 5 and 5S, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. We’ll start the beta access with these devices. Android will follow shortly after.

Like the current version of SelfieYo, we will maintain independence from other social network graphs. This means login is not based on your account somewhere else.

It’s an exciting time in mobile photo chat innovation. We are coding away with Swift for the iOS app and should be shifting to Android soon. In the meantime, sign up here to get exclusive access to the beta program!