Who (In Your Squad) Has The Best Selfie Game?

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Who, in your squad, has the best selfie game? 😘

Is it you? Is it bae? Is it your bff?

Do you low key sometimes wonder why certain selfies get far more attention than others? 😩

Want to know why? Read on…

If you’ve ever asked yourself why you’re not getting more likes on your selfies, yet you strive to take better and better pics, maybe the problem is that someone in your selfie squad is dragging your overall selfie share-ability rating down?

Think about it for a minute. 😧

Here’s what happens when bae doesn’t have selfie game as strong as you: 🙍

  • Your friends notice how hot you are in selfies, but they quickly gravitate to bae’s poor selfie skills – this is bad for you and reflects on the perception of your own selfies. 😳
  • You’ve graduated from the How To Take A Good Selfie tips program published by SelfieYo, however bae is still underperforming compared to when you take selfies by yourself – this is a major problem and can lead to bad blood. 👻
  • You’re getting unfairly penalized by Facebook, Instagram and Twitter because your selfies are not reaching maximize share velocity in a fast enough time period after you post them. Again, blame it on bae. 🙆

The first step towards trying to correct any of the above problems is to talk address the issue head-on.

Talk to bae. Don’t be salty about it. 🙅

Explain the situation by a simple review of selfies by yourself, selfies with your crew, selfies with bae and selfies with your bff.

Try to look objectively at the various scores and “heat metrics” associated with how your selfies are performing.

A basic Selfie Squad Review (“SSR”) might help put things into perspective – and it’s probably not a bad idea to do a self-selfie review once a month, or so.

Some people may need to conduct their SSR more often; it really depends on how badly you want to win the Best In Show Selfie Competition at the end of each season of SelfieYo’s Prize Circus AND where your crew’s overall skills are at the beginning of your first Selfie Squad Review.

One of the most useful selfie squads to be keeping an eye on these days – in terms of learning how to improve the best selfie game of everyone in your own crew – is Taylor Swift.

T-Swift is really setting the gold standard here, so let’s spend some time reviewing. 👯

First, Taylor has an ⭐️ all-star ⭐️ line-up in her selfie squad: 

❤️ Gigi Hadid, Selena Gomez, Hailee SteinfeldSerayah McNeill, and the newest member of Tay’s posse, Emma Watson. All around all-stars. Pretty clear. ❤️

Taylor Swift is starting from a position of 💪 power 💪 when it comes to having carefully selected her selfie squad members.

That said, Swift seems to be entirely egalitarian when it comes to her selfie crew; it’s largely coincidence that her squad consists of beautiful superstars. 🇺🇸 🇮🇹 🇬🇧 🇫🇷

Next, we should consider that Swift is a master of ensuring the details of Swift Selfie Squad’s photos are ALWAYS on-point. She doesn’t leave loose ends when it comes to her squad photos.

We’re not sure if Taylor has invested in training classes for her crew (it’s a possibility), but they certainly are not amateurs; these women are professional squad members who know what they’re doing – even when the paparazzi shows up unexpectedly. 🎤🏆

Finally, if you’re wondering how to improve your selfie squad “like” metrics with a basic, no-brainer approach that ought to be used EACH AND EVERY TIME YOU SELFIE, you should notice how Taylor’s crew always appears to have a positive attitude.

SelfieYo has written several times about the importance of having a positive attitude when you selfie – and we know it’s not always easy to do – but again, let’s look at how Taylor Swift’s squad consistently manages to look at the glass as half-full for ALL of their photos, even when they’re, no doubt, from time-to-time, having rough days like the rest of us.

Sure, they’re famous, but this doesn’t mean they don’t have their own challenges – yet they don’t let it affect their selfie game. 🙊

Neither should you. 📷

In closing, it’s not always easy to be the bearer of bad news for bae if bae is the reason your selfie game is not as on fleek as it could be – BUT a simple 💞 heart-to-heart 💞 could result in massive gains for you, for bae and for your entire selfie squad.

If you ever need to chat about selfie problems or want a little extra help figuring out how to approach the situation, feel free to connect with SelfieYo Selfie App on Facebook or SelfieYo on Twitter. ✌️

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