Selfie Snap Chat AppFeatures

  • Anonymous, Location-Based Snap Voting, Sharing & Chat App for iPhone & Android.📍

    Snap selfies 👉 share “Public” to chat with people nearby.  Share “Private” selfies for private selfie chats on the app.

  • Selfie Snap & Chat With People Nearby to Climb the Local “HOT” Selfie Snap List. 🔥

    More 👌 selfie snaps you post = more likely you are to get on your local hot selfie list. Show bae your best selfies. YOLO!

  • Total Selfie Snap Privacy & Permanent Pic Removal Options. 🔒

    Deleting a selfie you shared removes your snaps and chats from SelfieYo. You’ll be notified if someone screenshots you.

  • Automatic Selfie Snap App Smile Camera. 😃

    Smile detecting camera to snap your best selfies. Brows on fleek?  Snap a selfie with SelfieYo!

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A Guide To Snapping Your Brand Selfies

A Guide To Snapping Your Brand Selfies


We live in an age of extremely disruptive technology where the power of the selfie, driven by mobile chat apps, is transforming how we live, communicate and make decisions about what we buy, drive, eat and more. 👜 🚗 🍕

SelfieYo App

SelfieYo Selfie Snap & Chat app helps you snap quick moments and send them how you want.
SelfieYo is a selfie snap chat app that doesn’t require your account info for other services.
Each selfie snap chat is controlled by the user that creates and sends the SelfieYo. The mobile chat is fast and works anywhere in the world!
YOLO! We all like to look great in selfies. SelfieYo has photo editing tools to crop, filter, add emoji and draw on your photos.